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Stillness in Motion, 2023

“Stillness in Motion” acknowledges the importance of pausing, embracing silence, and fully experiencing the present moment. Through rhythmic and resonant visual language, I explore the tension and transformative potential that arises from deliberate pauses and repetitive gestures. This new body of work examines the delicate interplay between stillness and motion. Engaging in a somatic process, I embark on a journey of self-discovery that opens up deep layers of emotions, memories, and traumas. With repetitive gestures, I am able to create a space where stillness and motion harmoniously coexist, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the contemplative experience. Within this creative space, themes of mental health, trauma, memory, ritual, and meditation are examined, as well as the tension and balance between chaos and order. Layer by layer, the work becomes a sanctuary that offers momentary relief from tensions, traumas, and unconscious actions. This space offers mindfulness whenever it is needed. Life is fast, and my mind often races to try to keep up. The repetitive gestures in my practice provide me solace and clarity, offering a much-needed pause amidst life’s chaos. It is actually within the motion itself that I find the ability to pause, breathe, reflect, process, and think clearly. It is stillness in motion. My mixed media work on canvas utilizes materials such as acrylic, oil, ink, graphite, and charcoal. My practice thrives on the foundation of curiosity, openness, and experimentation. Through deliberate gestures, I discover mindfulness, while the array of marks captures a visual record of the ever-changing landscape of my state of mind. This approach forms an intricate visual tally of my lived experiences. My environment and upbringing, particularly the overcast tones reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, and my background in intaglio printmaking, also influence my visual language and palette. The significance of scale gives me boundless space and time to enter the flow state, and as viewers engage with the repetitive marks, layers, textures, and media, I hope that they can encounter moments of transcendence and stillness.

"Stillness in Motion" Installation Photos, North Floor Gallery, Lowe Mill Arts, Huntsville, Alabama, 2023

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