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Bodily Memories Refracted, 2022, Charcoal, Glass, Water, and Mirror, 49” x 13”

In my project Bodily Memories Refracted, I use drawing media, mirror, glass, and water to attempt to explain how memory is stored in the body.  The piece consists of stacked glasses filled with water in front of a full length mirror. In each glass, there is a mark making media that will eventually decompose as time passes. The glasses are stacked in a way that mimics the form of the body or vessel. The idea is that the body (the stacked glasses) holds the memory (the media) and over time, the memory is broken down and becomes a part of the water; the memory is imprinted into the body. By placing these objects in front of the mirror, it creates a refracted and warped image of the viewer as they stare through the glass into the mirror at themselves. This installation encourages the viewer to reflect on their perception and relationship with the mirror and self. Further, because the memory dissolves and the water becomes muddied over time, the perceived self is warped even more. This piece is significant to me as it relates deeply to my body dysmorphia. The full length mirror is an object that myself and many other individuals spend hours viewing and criticizing our bodies, flaws, perceptions, and identity. The inclusion of the refracted, twisted reflection caused from the stacked glassware and water engages the twists and bends that people with body dysmorphia see–myself included.  

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